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The Chalk Talk Podcast with CLETeaching

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The Cleveland Teaching Collaborative, with the support of the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, is engaging with amazing area educators during the Spring 2024 semester. We cannot wait to share the incredible strategies, insights, and stories we gathered from “talking chalk” with our guests!

Meet Your Hosts

Molly Buckley-Marudas has a PhD in Reading/Writing/Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership from Stanford University. She is an Associate Professor of Adolescent & Young Adult English Education at Cleveland State University and Faculty-in-Residence at Campus International High School. In 2022, she was named English Language Arts Educator of the Year by the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts. Read more at


Molly Buckley-Marudas

Shelley E. Rose is an Associate Professor of History and Women’s & Gender Studies at Cleveland State University. She received her PhD in Modern German History & M.A. in Modern European History from Binghamton University and her B.A. in History and Secondary Education from Western New England University. Rose has served as Director of Social Studies at CSU since 2011. She and Molly Buckley-Marudas founded the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative in May 2020, and in 2021 received the Divergent Award for Excellence in Implementation of Literacy in a Digital Age. Read more at


Shelley E. Rose

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Chris Rennison has over 25 years of experience in education and technology with a specialization in digital content production. He holds an M.A. in education, an M.Ed. in educational technology and has taught various subjects including information architecture, instructional design, classroom technology, virtual teams, front-end web development, and digital content production. Read more at

Producer & Co-Host

Chris Rennison

Declan Malloy

On-Campus Intern

Declan is the CTC undergraduate on-campus intern. He is a social studies and history double major and plans to become a social studies teacher upon graduation.

Makialani Kanewa-Mariano

Graduate Research Assistant

Makialani is a graduate assistant and MA candidate in the Department of History.

Marilyn Orseno

Graduate Research Assistant

Marilyn is a PhD Candidate in the Levin College for Public Affairs and Education. She is the 2023 Gilder Lehrman Ohio History Teacher of the Year and teaches social studies.

Ryan Seibert

Graduate Research Assistant

Ryan is a graduate assistant and MA candidate in the Department of History.

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The Chalk Talk Podcast is made possible by generous support from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation